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The original Hotel De La Paix has been completely refurbished (2014) and today offers very modern/minimalist en-suite rooms, the majority comprising either a double bed or a double bed and a lone single bed such as shown to the right of this page.  This combination is used for triple and twin-bed bookings, so one occupant has to draw the short straw!  The hotel is located just 3 minutes from the main Lille-Paris Autoroute A1 (Junction 14) so very easy to find for our clients.  

The De La Paix is located at the edge of Bapaume (see blue star 1916 battlefield diagram below) with the town just a few minutes walk away.  The De La Paix has its own restaurant with additional dining options nearby in the town itself. Off-road parking is in front of the hotel.

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The Western Front

The Somme 1916
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Bapaume was occupied by the Germans on 26 September 1914.  In 1916 Bapaume was one of the towns considered to be strategic objectives by the allies in the framework of the Battle of the Somme.  Despite all the grand intentions to have been taken in the first few days of the offensive, the town was not taken by the British until 17 March 1917 following the withdrawal of the German army east to the Hindenberg Line. On 24 March 1918, the Germans took over the city again in their last-ditch attempt to push the British back to the coast (and overrunning the old Somme battlefield in just three days!).

Later in 1918 the Second Battle of Bapaume was fought between 21 August–3 September as part of the second phase of the Battle of Amiens, the British and Commonwealth attack that was the turning point of the First World War on the Western Front and the beginning of the Allies' Hundred Days Offensive. Improved armoured support and artillery bombardment weakened once impregnable positions and helped the Allied forces tear holes through trench lines.

On 29 August the New Zealand Division, after heavy fighting, occupied Bapaume, having broken through, with the British 5th Infantry Division, the very strong Le Transloy-Loupart trench system to the south of the town.

After the armistice the slow and dangerous work of de-mining the town began. The city of Sheffield provided assistance for reconstruction.

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