THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918


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This page is all about the hotels we offer as part of our popular Self-Drive battlefield tours.  Some pages make take a minute or two to load.

The most important feature of all these accommodation options is the Self-Drive guide(s) we provide as part of our Self-Drive 'package', for without such a guide one can so easily end up looking at French/Belgium countryside, without having much idea as to what took place back in the Great War.  Please also note that are guides are only available when you book accommodation with us.

We are not like Expedia or some other remote faceless computerised hotel booking service.  We only recommend hotels which we have personally 'tried and tested'. We prefer smaller privately owned hotels and pride ourselves in maintaining a personal relationship with the hotel owners so that our guests are looked after in the way we expect (we have a reputation for being a bit fussy...).  We also tray to be as honest as possible so that if a hotel has a minor shortcoming which we think worthy of mentioning we will do just that.  Unlike Expedia etc, we are here to answer any queries you may have, even whilst you are away (and can be contacted 24 hours a day if really necessary!).

We suggest you first read more about what's included in our Self-Drive tours by turning to our 'Self-Drive' tour page, then choose from the accommodation options to the right here which one you would like to stay at.  When you've found the hotel/B&B you would like to stay at please phone or e-mail us for a quotation. 

We try to keep things as simple as possible. You don't need to submit a booking form - everything can be arranged by phone and/or e-mail.

Please note that we only recommend privately owned hotels and guest houses which we have used ourselves when visiting the battlefields.

Why not include a personal conducted tour?

We can easily arrange for an independent English-speaking guide to collect you at your hotel and take you (in our guide's vehicle) on a one or two-day tour of either the Somme or Ypres battlefields This will be a truly personal service and as such you will not be joining a group comprising other persons. This option costs a lot more when compared with joining a fixed-itinerary ‘public’ tour, but is by far and away the best way to see the battlefield, especially bearing in mind this may be your one occasion to make the visit you are have in mind.  A personal tour is also better suited for the quiet exploration and reflection of past events, without the possible distraction of others making up your group - and the need for the tour leader to stick to a fixed time schedule!    

The tour we will arrange can easily focus on areas of specific interest to you, such as battlefields where soldiers from any particular country or regiment fought and died (especially helpful for those seeking to explore battlefields where Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians etc saw action).  This service is included in the total cost you will pay, thus making your battlefield visit a seamless experience with everything arranged by us in advance.






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This plan of the Somme 1916 battlefield shows just how close Albert, Peronne and Bapaume are to the battlefield. Avril Williams Guest House is a mile or so north of Beaumont Hamel

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 Plan of the Ypres battlefield.
All three of our Ypres hotels below are located within a few minutes walk from the main square and the famous Cloth Hall which today houses the excellent In Flanders Fields museum

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Hotel Basilique

* * * *
Hotel Ariane


* * *
Hotel Royal Picardie(Albert-Somme)


Looking at the entrance of the Albion Hotel

* * *
Albion Hotel

* * *
Hotel St Claude

Main Street

The Art Deco suite
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Le Macassar


* *
Hotel De La Paix


Avril William's Guest House. Battlefield tours to Ypres and Somme battlefields of the Great War WW1

Avril Williams' Guest House